Transparent watercolor painting: How To | Paintings | Tips and Techniques | Art... Learn about transparent watercolor art and painting from transparent watercolorist, painter, and architect Douglas Simms Stenhouse. Mr. Stenhouse grew up in Washington, DC, where he practiced architecture for a number of years.  He subsequently moved to Southern California to work with an aerospace company before taking over the management of an energy conservation consulting firm.  Retired from these former endeavors, he now focuses his career on watercolor painting.

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Artist Statement

I paint virtually all of my work outdoors.  Painting outdoors inspires me to do my best work which is a reflection of places I’ve visited, enjoyed and wish to share with others… places such as Central Coast and Southern California, New England, the Chesapeake Bay, Delaware River Valley, and the Pacific Northwest.  Each of these is unique in terms of their buildings, boats, surrounding seascapes, landscapes, flowers, and whatever else catches my attention.

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About My Art

Doug does all of his freelance painting of landscapes, seascapes and building portraits outdoors where he can fully absorb all that is going on around him as part of his process to capture the essence of colors, values, and textures in his compositions. Though much of his subject material is from Central Coast and Southern California, Doug also paints extensively in the Chesapeake Bay area, Delaware River Valley, New England, and the Pacific Northwest.

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I paint most of my work outdoors...My artwork is a reflection of places I've visited, enjoyed and wish to share with others...

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