Boats at Bayside Marina, Morro Bay, CA

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This painting was executed in 2008 during the San Luis Obispo Plein Air Festival in which I have been selected to participate for many years.  It was painted in the afternoon and took me several hours to complete and is one of my looser paintings.  This was a lovely day, inspiring me to capture the way the water captures the light and colors of the sky, trees and boats.

I love painting sailboats, since we used to travel down from our home in Washington, DC, to Gibson Island, MD, where my godmother had a lovely summer home and sailboats on the Chesapeake Bay.  Dad would take me out painting with him, and I so enjoyed watching him paint boats and seashores. This inspired me to paint even as a little boy, and it ledme to take art courses later on at St. Albans School.  This school had a marvelous art program and teacher named Dean Stambaugh.

Painting boats is something I especially enjoy doing, but usually boats sitting in harbors. Consider also painting boats as they are moving about.  I’ve done this on several occasions … in Nova Scotia as a teenager, but also down on the Chesapeake Bay… and even around the coastline where I now live in the South Bay.  This is bit more challenging!

Douglas Stenhouse also wrote a book about watercolor painting.

“I decided to write about how I paint, not only to share my observations with others, but also, frankly, to do some self- examination. I wish I had done this earlier in my life! But then, how was I to know I’d benefit from doing so, certainly at a time when I had no aspirations of becoming a professional artist.” 

To learn more about Doug’s Watercolor Painting Book, click here. To purchase a signed copy, use the link below.

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