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My original watercolor paintings are reasonably priced. The cost is noted with the image of each painting. (*Where a price or title is not indicated, the painting shown has been sold or is not for sale). But prices vary depending on the size of the image and whether it has received some recognition by others. Obviously, if a painting has won a prize at a national or regional exhibition, it’s worth more than one that has not. Larger paintings are generally more difficult to execute. My largest paintings are full sheets (22″ X 30″) of 140 or 300 lb Arches or Strathmore cold-pressed watercolor paper. The smallest are on ¼ of a full sheet (11″ X 15″); but most of my paintings are executed on a half-sheets (15″ X 22″).

All original paintings and 7″x10″ reproductions are sold mounted between archival 4-ply and 2-ply mats. A reduced-size bio is pasted to the backside. This assemblage is enclosed in a polyethylene wrapper or shrink-wrapped. 11″x15″, 15″x22″, and 22″x30″ reproductions are printed on minimum 225g/m2, 100% cotton rag, eggshell, cold press, fine art paper.

I generally sell my paintings unframed. People who buy them at exhibits take them home in their frames, but it’s understood they’ll return the frame to me or arrange for me to pick it up. I prefer to have the frame (if a buyer doesn’t plan to use it) so it can be recycled for new paintings. Generally speaking, most buyers want to select a frame that matches the décor of the room in which it will hang. However, if someone wishes to keep an exhibit frame, I tack on the modest cost of these standard frames that I buy from art stores. I generally use plain wood frames for exhibiting my work and a simple gold metal frame for the largest paintings.

When I sell an original artwork, the buyer signs an agreement releasing to me the reproduction rights.

The cost of paintings shown on my website does not include the frame, any mailing costs, or sales tax for Californians.

About Reproductions

Once I’ve completed or scanned a painting, I have it photographed. This high-resolution digital image is used to make future reproductions.

Full-size reproductions are available for all my paintings. Reduced-size images of 15″x22″, 11″x15, 7″x10 and 3 1/4″x5″ notecards are also available.

  • 22″ x 30″ (full sheet giclees) = $300;
  • 15″ X 22″(half sheet giclees) = $200;
  • 11″ X 15″(1/4 sheet giclees) = $150;
  • 7″ X 10″ archival reproductions = $80;
  • 3¼” X 5″ notecards = $3.50 ($3 for quantities of a dozen or more).

Further discounts are offered for orders of 100 or more notecards and for multiple orders of other-size printed images. These costs do not include the cost of mailing or sales tax for Californians.

All reproductions are carefully proofed to insure that they are virtually identical to the original painting. If for some reason they are not, they will be replaced at no additional cost. With the exception of notecards, images are numbered for each edition, titled and signed.

Most reproductions are also matted (with the exception of giclees and notecards) and packaged in propylene or shrink-wrap. A reduced-sized bio is pasted on the backside.

All notecards include an envelope. Multiple orders of notecards are mailed with the envelopes scored for easy folding. They can also be provided in boxes of 6 (gold box with a clear plastic lid) for a modest additional cost.

Commissioned Work, Teaching, & Workshops

I accept commissions for specific images that clients would like me to do for them. The cost of doing a half a sheet, 15″ X 22″, or full sheet 22″ X 30″ image depends on the subject matter and how long it will take to complete the painting. It will also depend on how far I must travel, or if I have to obtain special permission to access the location where I would do the work. I do not make it a practice to paint from a picture. I do all my work on site. And of course, there might be other circumstances which would dictate a higher cost. It is important to discuss specific requirements in advance.

When a commissioned work is completed, I will generally recommend someone to prepare a proper mat and frame for the painting.

I enjoy doing watercolor painting demonstrations before groups of artists. When I do this, I will often raffle off the painting. I also provide an exhibit of paintings and reproductions of my work along with the demo.

Day-long plein-air workshops for groups of artists can also be planned for locations selected in advance. The fee for these workshops is very reasonable, generally $35 per person, with no minimum number of participants. I have many years of experience teaching artists and architects, having served on the faculty of a number of universities and colleges in a part-time capacity.