Painting: Continuing the Effort

One learns a lot about painting along the way. But you’ll only learn if you paint. Neither will occasional painting do the trick. You have to paint days in a row to accomplish your best work. I’ve found it practical to paint at least four days in a row whenever I can. On that fourth day I usually produce my best painting. It’s even better to paint continuously for longer stretches of time. Perhaps you need to let painting become the sole focus of your life. This will certainly lead you to produce your very best work. If you don’t paint very often, each painting you do then becomes an “exercise”. If you paint more often, your work will become better and better, and you’ll start to “turn on” and “tune in”! You’ll become loosened up enough to “let go”. You’re bound to produce GREAT WORK! All of us stop and start various things during our lifetime. Many of us are fortunate to retain something from our prior experiences. I’m perhaps a good example of this, for I’ve started and stopped various things. Fortunately, with my own artwork, each time I started up, I’ve been able to pick up where I left off… and improved!  But as you get older, there is a sense of urgency that motivates you to keep on track.  Less time left to get things done!

Painting opportunities come and go during one’s lifetime. You have to seize them when you can… and let go of them when you can’t… Remember: keep your eyes on the prize!

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