Painting How To: Serving on Art Associations

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At some point in time, you’ll be asked by someone on the board of directors to serve your art association in some capacity. But you may be moved to volunteer your services. In addition to running exhibits, there are many roles you can play: newsletter editor, secretary, treasurer, membership chair, speaker chair, demo chair, workshop chair, vice president, and president. For an organization that has its own gallery, there would also be a gallery director. For an organization which owns a building that must be cared for and maintained, there would be a building committee.

Each organization has a board of directors but also directors-at-large, in addition to its officers and committee chairs. Every member of an art association should take his or her turn by volunteering to serve in one or more of these roles.

Douglas Stenhouse also wrote a book about watercolor painting.

“I decided to write about how I paint, not only to share my observations with others, but also, frankly, to do some self- examination. I wish I had done this earlier in my life! But then, how was I to know I’d benefit from doing so, certainly at a time when I had no aspirations of becoming a professional artist.” 

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