Album: Transparent Watercolor Landscapes



Watercolor View Eucalyptus Grove, CA Painting, Watercolor Art Los Osos, lovely Eucalyptus Grove, Los Osos Painting, beautiful Eucalyptus Grove, amazing trees watercolor Watercolor View of Alabama Hills, Lone Pine Painting, Watercolor Art Alabama Hills CA, Alabama Hills lovely painting, watercolor painting beautiful Gorgeous Mountain Painting, Snow capped mountain watercolor, Watercolor View Kearsarge Pass, Independence CA Painting, Watercolor Art Kearsarge Pass, Kearsarge Pass Painting lovely, beautiful Independence, CA Painting, Watercolor View of Lomita Forest, Forest Scene Painting, Watercolor Art Lomita Forest, Forest Scene Painting lovely Lomita, Lomita Beautiful Forest Scene Painting,  Watercolor Mt Laurel, Forest Scene Painting, Watercolor Eastern Sierras, Mt Laurel lovely Painting, Beautiful Mountains watercolor,
Pasture Gate Watercolor, Painting Pasture Gate, lovely Lucas Road Painting, Beautiful watercolor pasture, Watercolor Painting Hidden Hollow Hidden Hollow Salt Lake City, UT SLC lovely woods Hidden Painting, Beautiful watercolor trees, Watercolor Palm Beach, Park @ South County Rd & Peruvian Ave Painting, lovely Florida Park Scene of Painting, Beautiful Scene of Park Palm Beach watercolor,  Watercolor Artwalk in Torrance CA, Torrance Artwalk in Painting, lovely Artwalk Scene of Painting, Beautiful watercolor Torrance California, View Watercolor Painting at Plaza El Segundo, Manhattan Beach Scene of lovely Painting, Beautiful Scene of Plaza California, Manhattan Beach CA watercolor,
watercolor estuary, Morro Bay Painting, watercolor art of Morrow Bay Madrona Marsh, watercolor marsh, marsh art, torrance marsch transparent watercolor art Kootenai & Moyie Rivers Meet, watercolor art, painting rivers meeting, transparent watercolor
Sierra Nevadas watercolor, alabama art, watercolor art, painting of the Sierra Nevadas Amphitheater at Bryce Canyon Painting, Watercolor Art of Bryce Canyon Watercolor of Alabama Hills @ Mt Whitney Portal Rd, Alabama Hills Painting, Watercolor Art of Alabama Hills
Watercolor Sierra Mtns Convict Lake, Eastern Sierra Mtns Painting, Watercolor Art of Convict Lake Watercolor Los Osos Valley, Los Osos Valley Painting, Watercolor Art of Los Osos Valley from See Canyon Rd Watercolor at Quarry Farm Pond Hornblende Painting, Watercolor Art of Kennett Sq, PA, Kennett Sq, PA Painting
Watercolor Hollister Peak, San Luis Obispo, CA, Painting, Hollister Peak Painting, Watercolor Art of San Luis Obispo, CA Watercolor Turri Road, Los Osos, Springtime at Turri Road Painting, Turri Road Painting, Watercolor Art of Los Osos Watercolor Los Osos Valley Rd, Country Scene Painting, Los Osos Valley Rd Painting, Watercolor Art of Los Osos, Los Osos Painting Country Scene
Independence Peak Independence Peak Watercolor Painting, Independence Peak Painting, Watercolor Art of Independence CA, Painting Independence CA Pastureland Watercolor, Painting Pastureland, Hope Ranch, MT. Painting, Watercolor Art of Hope Ranch, MT., Painting Pastureland at Hope Ranch, MT. Watercolor from Lily Lake, Stream Painting from Lily Lake, Desolation Wilderness Painting, Watercolor Art of Lily Lake, Lily Lake Stream from Watercolor, Watercolor Desolation Wilderness
Watercolor Ocean Park, Ocean Park Painting, Santa Monica, CA. Painting, Watercolor Art Santa Monica, CA. , Painting Ocean Park, Santa Monica, CA. Watercolor Hidden Lake, Hidden Lake Painting, Glacier Park, MT. Painting, Watercolor Art of Glacier Park, MT., Painting Hidden Lake, Glacier Park, MT Watercolor Scene Liberty Park, Liberty Park Scene Painting, SLC UT Painting, Watercolor Art of SLC UT park, Painting Liberty Park Salt Lake City UT
Watercolor Sierra Nevadas, Sierra Nevadas Painting, Alabama Hills Painting, Watercolor Art of Alabama Hills, Sierra Nevadas Painting from Alabama Hills Watercolor Huston's Sycamore, Sycamore Huston's Painting, Transparent Watercolor Sycamore, Watercolor Art Huston's Sycamore Watercolor Scene @ Tracy Aviary, Tracy Aviary Painting, Scene @ SLC UT, SLC UT Watercolor Art of park, Scene Painting Tracy Aviary, SLC UT
Watercolor Scene of Beech Ave, Torrance CA Painting, Watercolor Scene of Torrance CA, Watercolor Art of Beech Ave, Torrance CA, Painting Scene of Beech Ave CA, Transparent watercolor painting of Farm Scene Old Hwy Pine Creek Rd Near Lone Pine, CA, Torrance CA transparent watercolor by artist Douglas Simms Stenhouse. View this watercolor painting and more of his art at transparent watercolor Fossil Falls Watercolor, Painting Fossil Falls, CA Eastern Sierra Mtns Painting, Watercolor Art of Eastern Sierra Mtns, Fossil Falls Painting Eastern Sierra Mtns, CA
Watercolor View of Herb Garden, Red Butte Garden, Salt Lake City, UT Painting, Salt Lake City, UT Painting, Watercolor Art of Red Butte Garden, Salt Lake City, UT Red Butte Garden Painting beautiful painting of a tree, tree painting, tree watercolor, Watercolor Scene at Oaks State Preserve, Los Osos, CA Painting, Oaks Preserve State Painting, Watercolor Art of Oaks State Preserve, Los Osos, CA Painting Oaks Preserve State Watercolor of Eastern Sierras, CA, Owens River Painting, Eastern Sierras Painting, Watercolor Art of Owens River, Pleasant Valley Painting Eastern Sierras, CA, beautiful mountain valley painting
Watercolor Stone Creek Vineyard, Edna CA Painting, View of Stone Creek Vineyard, Watercolor Art of Edna, CA, Painting Creek CA Watercolor Rock Creek Lake, Rock Creek Lake Painting, Painting Eastern Sierra, Eastern Sierra Watercolor Art, Painting Creek Lake Eastern Sierra, watercolor mountains, mountain lake painting, watercolor beautiful mountain lake scene, amazing watercolor lake, watercolor gorgeous lake Watercolor Slova Ranch, Ranch Slova Painting, Painting Los Osos Valley Rd, Los Osos Art of Watercolor, Painting Barn, Los Osos Valley Rd watercolor, watercolor View of Slova Ranch, beautiful watercolor country scene,
Watercolor View from Burtners 'Home, Burtners' Home Lopez / Hausna Painting, High Mtn Road Painting, Watercolor Art of Lopez / Hausna, Mountain Painting, View of mountain trees watercolor country, California country watercolor, watercolor beautiful country scene,
Watercolor Mtn High Road, High Road Mtn Painting, Watercolor Art near Lake Lopez, Gorgeous Painting Trees, trees watercolor country, California country watercolor, watercolor beautiful country scene, Watercolor View of Mono Lake CA, Mono Lake CA Painting, Watercolor Art of Mono Lake, Lake Painting Gorgeous, pretty mountains lake watercolor, California watercolor lake, watercolor lake beautiful mountains,
Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 7.50.11 PM Watercolor View of Sugar House Park, Salt Lake City Painting, Watercolor Art of Sugar House, Gorgeous Trees Painting, watercolor Pretty Park, Salt Lake City park watercolor, watercolor trees beautiful, Gorgeous mountain painting Watercolor View of Domingez Ranch, Ranch Domingez Painting, Watercolor Art Adobe Museum, Museum Painting lovely, Adobe watercolor, beautiful adobe painting, Watercolor Depot Whitefish, Whitefish Depot Painting, Watercolor Art of Whitefish Depot, lovely Whitefish Depot Painting, Beautiful Painting Depot,

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Douglas Stenhouse also wrote a book about watercolor painting.

“I decided to write about how I paint, not only to share my observations with others, but also, frankly, to do some self- examination. I wish I had done this earlier in my life! But then, how was I to know I’d benefit from doing so, certainly at a time when I had no aspirations of becoming a professional artist.” 

To learn more about Doug’s Watercolor Painting Book and/or purchase a signed copy, click here.

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