Transparent Watercolor Painting “Sprague Library, Salt Lake City, UT”


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“Sprague Library, Salt Lake City, UT”
15Hx22W $1300

To purchase this painting contact Douglas Simms Stenhouse at 310-897-0479.

15″ X 22″ giclee reproduction: $200
7″ X 10″ archival print reproduction: $80
3.25″ X 5″ notecard reproduction: $3.50

All dimensions of paintings are listed HEIGHT x WIDTH. Price indicated is for an UNFRAMED but matted/shrink-wrapped painting.

Full-size giclee prints are matted and shrink-wrapped; a smaller size 7×10 print matted and shrink-wrapped to 11×14 is available for $80.

Shipping costs depend on how fast and how far it has to be shipped. We will advise you of shipping costs prior to shipment. Generally, prints are shipped in cardboard binders.

Douglas Stenhouse also wrote a book about watercolor painting.

“I decided to write about how I paint, not only to share my observations with others, but also, frankly, to do some self- examination. I wish I had done this earlier in my life! But then, how was I to know I’d benefit from doing so, certainly at a time when I had no aspirations of becoming a professional artist.” 

To learn more about Doug’s Watercolor Painting Book and/or purchase a signed copy, click here.

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